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We draw inspiration for our desserts far and wide, and they’re not always traditional. In the “poor” Apulian cuisine, sweets and desserts were reserved for the traditional festive occasions only, simple recipes based on wheat, sugar, eggs and oil, and for the religious holidays they’re always available.
All the other desserts are prepared daily, and exclusively by us, and are always much appreciated by our patrons.
Here are some of our offerings, the ones you’re most likely to find available

Our tarts: 5 euro

Raspberry jam
Lemon Curd, Apples and Cinnamon
Orange and Almond
Ricotta, Marmalade and Poppy Seeds

International: 5 euro

Apple Pie
Brownies cake (served with ice cream)


Small Royal pastries with candied fruit

Al Cucchiaio: 5 euro

Chocolate and Mint pudding
Crème caramel
Panna Cotta
Tiramisu with home-made Savoiardi biscuits

Ice cream, Sorbets & Fruits: 4,50 euro

Vanilla ice cream with San Marzano Elisir
Marron Glacé ice cream with Vin Cotto and Almonds
Lemon and Sage sorbet
Fresh pineapple
Fresh strawberries

Traditional festivities Apulian sweets: 6 euro

(Small “rosette” of deep-fried dough with Vincotto – Christmas)

(Deep fried dough with raisins – Carnival)

(Deep fried donuts with Cream and Black Cherry – S. Giuseppe)

(Oven-baked donuts with egg – Easter)

Almond paste Lamb
(lamb-shaped almond paste – Easter)


Fruit of the season: 4 euro

Dessert of the Day: 4,50 euro