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7 or 9 euro, according to quantity

Let’s introduce our strongest point, the specialty among our specialites: our buffet
Extra fresh vegetables, prepared twice a day following traditional recipes. For lunch, they’re available raw, steamed or grilled. In the evenings and over the weekend we also add vegetables in oil. All the traditional Apulian recipes of the most typical vegetables: broccoli, bell peppers, eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes. Au gratin, grilled, stir fried, on their own or in flavourful combinations.
Our olives: the green ones, big, plump and sweet. The black ones, seasones with chili pepper and herbs, and sundried tomatoes in oil.
The “friselle”, to soak and eat with diced fresh tomatoes.
And more, according to our Chef’s inspiration: cubed omelettes with mixed vegetables, rich potato gateau and many more delicacies which will take you on a tour of our wonderful land cuisine.